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Meet the man behind the steering wheel

Ivan Cardoso

Founder & Chauffeur

"I want to change how aspiring entrepreneurs learn from founders."



A brief history about how it all started

"One year and a half ago, I co-founded a travel startup. However, we decided that we would not continue working on this venture because we were not the right team to execute our ideas. It was really hard and I was devastated but then I took a step back and I realised that I met many amazing people and learned so much from other founders.
"I was lucky that I had the right people around me at that time who supported me and also gave me advice. So I thought that it would be an amazing idea to give people the opportunity to ask founders questions and learn from them. At the same time, I give inspiring startup founders the stage to share their story and startup experience in order to gain exposure and increase their online presence."

Ivan Cardoso

Founder of the Startup Chauffeur


Get In The Car With The Startup Chauffeur!

Ivan the Chauffeur
" We discovered a new video series launched this summer that puts the spotlight on entrepreneurs in a fun and creative way. It’s a simple gig: 15 minute, real-time interviews that take place in a car while a chauffeur drives around a city. We asked Ivan Cardoso, a Luxembourg native and founder of Startup Chauffeur currently based in Rotterdam, to detail his roadbook and give us the full picture (no pun intended). "
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Charles-Louis Machuron

Founder at Silicon Luxembourg

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